Email marketing setup

Email marketing setup
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Hosted on our newsletter system, you can manage and send messages to your mailing list.

Once set up, you can choose to purchase a monthly subscription or send emails on a pay as you go basis. Click here for more information on the subscription options available.

With a pay as you go subscription you pay each time you want to send a newsletter and a small fee per email. This option is most suitable if you send newsletters occasionally to smaller mailing lists..

Each newsletter you send costs £5 with each recipient costing £0.001.

PAYG pricing examples

500£5.50£5.00 per newsletter + £0.50 for 500 recipients
1,000£6.00£5.00 per newsletter + £1.00 for 1,000 recipients
5,000£10.00£5.00 per newsletter + £5.00 for 5,000 recipients
10,000£15.00£5.00 per newsletter + £10.00 for 10,000 recipients

Subscription pricing


Set up for using the service includes:

  • Setting up your domain to send emails successfully without being tagged as spam
  • Setting up your account in our newsletter system
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